A poetic tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Karachi:Faiz Ahmed Faiz is being remembered by many literary organisations, and the Anjuman Tarraqi Passand Musanifeen (Progressive Writers Association) has decided to celebrate the centenary birth anniversary of Faiz by holding Mushairas, seminars and discussions.
The association held the first Mushaira at the Karachi Gymkhana under Fehmeeda Riaz and now it held a Mushaira at the PMA House under Imdad Hussaini, who is a prominent Sindhi poet.

The general secretary of the association, Dr Jamal Naqvi, who himself is a poet, said that Mushairas being arranged by the association were very successful.

A number of poets (from India as well) were invited to the Mushaira at the MPA House, who included Waseem Rashid, Akhtar Baigana, Sahar Imdad, Dr Javed Manzar, Prof Izhar Haideri, Naqash Kazimi, Shahar Ali, Hamid Ali Syed, Osat Jaffery and Zebun Nisa Zeby.
The poets mostly presented romantic Ghazals and poems. Besides, they highlighted peace, love and friendly ties between the people of Pakistan and India so that healthy social and cultural values could be promoted.The news