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28-Oct-2010 Blood Donation Camp organized by Fatimid Foundation Hyderabad
28-Oct-2010 The Vice Chancellor University of Sindh addressing to a group of meritorious students of the University on Tuesday.
28-Oct-2010 Announcement by Controller of Examination.
28-Oct-2010 The University of Sindh has finalized all arrangements for conducting of pre entry test for admissions to Masters Degree program.
28-Oct-2010 The academic convocation-2009 of University of Sindh is scheduled to be organized in first week of December, 2010.
27-Oct-2010 28 October
27-Oct-2010 27 October
26-Oct-2010 26 October
24-Oct-2010 25 October
23-Oct-2010 23 October
22-Oct-2010 22 October
22-Oct-2010 For admissions to University of Sindh, Round about 14500 male and female candidates would be appearing in the Pre Entry Test.
22-Oct-2010 Notification
22-Oct-2010 The Controller of Examinations (Semester) has notified that first and second semester examinations 2009 in all affiliated private and Government Institutes will began with effect from October, 22
22-Oct-2010 The advance salary to Hindu employees will be paid on October, 27 on account of Diwali.
21-Oct-2010 21 October
21-Oct-2010 A seminar on International Day on Statistics organized by Department of Statistics.
20-Oct-2010 20 October
19-Oct-2010 Karachi university L.L.M Result 2010
19-Oct-2010 19 October
17-Oct-2010 17 October
16-Oct-2010 16 October
14-Oct-2010 14 October
13-Oct-2010 13 October
12-Oct-2010 12 October
11-Oct-2010 Prof. Dr. Rafia Ahmed Shaikh appointed as Pro- Vice Chancellor, University of Sindh at its Badin Campus.
11-Oct-2010 11 October
08-Oct-2010 09 October
07-Oct-2010 08 October
07-Oct-2010 07 October
06-Oct-2010 06 October
06-Oct-2010 October 2010
05-Oct-2010 05 October
04-Oct-2010 The Controller of Examinations (Annual) University of Sindh has notified the result of college side B.Sc Pass part-II annual examination 2009.
04-Oct-2010 04 October
03-Oct-2010 03 October
02-Oct-2010 02 October
01-Oct-2010 01 October
30-Sep-2010 30 September
30-Sep-2010 A seminar in Area Study Center, in University of Sindh.
29-Sep-2010 29 September
28-Sep-2010 CAP Result 2010 Commerce (Female)
28-Sep-2010 28 September
27-Sep-2010 27 September
26-Sep-2010 26 September
25-Sep-2010 25 September
24-Sep-2010 The open house established by Directorate of Admissions for guidance and information of fresh candidates for session 2011 concluded on Thursday evening.
23-Sep-2010 23 September
22-Sep-2010 22 September
21-Sep-2010 21 September
21-Sep-2010 CAP Result 2010 Pre Engineering (FeMale)
20-Sep-2010 20 September
20-Sep-2010 CAP RESULT 2010 Pre Medical (Female)
18-Sep-2010 18 September
17-Sep-2010 Sindh University Announced B.Com Part 2 Result
17-Sep-2010 17 September
16-Sep-2010 16 September
15-Sep-2010 15 September
14-Sep-2010 CAP RESULT 2010 Pre Engineering (Male)
14-Sep-2010 September 2010
13-Sep-2010 CAP RESULT 2010 Computer Science (Male)
10-Sep-2010 10 September
10-Sep-2010 09 September
08-Sep-2010 08 September
07-Sep-2010 CAP RESULT 2010 Computer Science (Fe Male)
07-Sep-2010 cap admission 2010
07-Sep-2010 07 September
06-Sep-2010 06 September
04-Sep-2010 04 September
03-Sep-2010 03 September
31-Aug-2010 31 August
31-Aug-2010 30 August
28-Aug-2010 28 August
28-Aug-2010 27 August
24-Aug-2010 24 August
23-Aug-2010 23 August
22-Aug-2010 22 August
20-Aug-2010 20 August
19-Aug-2010 19 August
18-Aug-2010 18 August
17-Aug-2010 17 August
16-Aug-2010 16 August
15-Aug-2010 15 August
14-Aug-2010 14 August
13-Aug-2010 13 August
12-Aug-2010 آپ سندھ اسٹڈی کے معیار سے مطمئن ہیں
12-Aug-2010 12 August
11-Aug-2010 11 August
10-Aug-2010 10 August
09-Aug-2010 09 August
07-Aug-2010 07 August
06-Aug-2010 SBTE DAE Revised Date Sheet
06-Aug-2010 06 August
06-Aug-2010 August 2010
05-Aug-2010 05 August
03-Aug-2010 03 August
01-Aug-2010 01 August
31-Jul-2010 31 July
30-Jul-2010 30 July
29-Jul-2010 29 July

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