SSUET to set up postgraduate research faculty

KARACHI:October 22: The Board of Governors of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) at a meeting presided over by Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Syed Jawaid Hassan Rizvi reviewed and approved different proposals and suggestions, including the recommendations of the inspection team of Higher Education Commission (HEC), to establish a faculty of postgraduate studies and research. Approval was also given to implement a unified pay scale for all faculties. The options to recruit highly qualified faculty were discussed and the members of the board emphasised to bring in more efforts for research activities by the faculty members and to develop research culture in the university. Development of postgraduate programme on modern lines was also reviewed during the meeting and a proposal came to provide scholarships for PhD programme to the students of technically and scientifically advance countries. It was discussed to offer competitive and attractive salaries to bring in highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Suggestion was also made to give incentives to the faculty members for their research work. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Prof Dr MD Shami, Justice (r) Fazl-e-Ghani, Engineer Muhammad Adil Usman, Commodore (r) Salim A Siddiqui and Registrar Shah Mahmood H Syed attended the meeting. ppi.


It is the right of PTCL

It is the right of PTCL consumers to be ntifioed in advance for any price increase or changes. Here is my experience with recent interaction with PTCL department.1. My DSL internet charged has been increased to Rs. 1000 per month. Upon investigation and contacting PCTL, they told me that this is due to new price change policy that limits my internet usage to 50GB per month. I requested to be provided with usage detail but to no avail. So I am completely in dark if I am really using more than 50GB.2. Upon reminding that I was charged unfairly without notification, I was told that I have to personally visit the PTCL exchange to get refund as PTCL is allowing to refund these charges up until Dec 2011. I have to do this every month. They made the process so burdensome that no one can get the refund without spending their whole day at exchange.3. My telephone line just got dead yesterday. Called customer support 1218 and logged a complain. Called after 24 hours and found that there is no progress on the complain. I requested to provide me an ETA but again no response. The thing irritated me most that the customer support personnel communicate with you in a manner that makes you feel retarded. They respond to your questions in a route fashion without listening to you. Finally I was hung upon. We consumers must build a forum to highlight these issues to PTCL. We consumers deserve respect and quality service from PTCL.

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