A Prodigy Named Nida Lashari

A prodigy named Nida Lashari

Karachi:Nida Anjum Lashari, 15, teaches English to students at graduate and postgraduate levels although she is a student of Class IX at Baba Cambridge School in the lower-middle class locality called Pak Colony.

She is talented and very ambitious and wants to indulge in business, sports and teaching simultaneously.

Nida was eight months old when her father Anjum Lashari, a senior journalist at Daily Jang bowed out. Lashari worked at the News Desk of Daily Jang. He was also a poet and wrote the first novel in the Seraiki language, according to Nida. She was admitted to Baba Cambridge School, near Bismillah Hotel in Pak Colony when she was 3.

Right from the beginning she has showed some extraordinary talents; she is a quick learner, has participated in debates, written poetry and played and also acted in school plays.

“I learnt English through watching TV plays and reading tickers,” said Nida while talking to The News.

“I was also a good spy,” she said innocently. “I traced a ‘chapal chor’ who would steal them and take them to our rooftop,” she elaborated.

Nida has done compering at a school and at a ‘Grand Gala’ organised in Nazimabad. She said she had taught English at two institutes in Pak Colony during her summer vacation. She has also been an intern at one of the institutes.

“I have also become a member of National Students Federation,” she said. “I want to become a journalist like my father and also emerge as the best short story writer and poet,” said Nida.

Nida said she had read at least 100 books, including “nange paon,” “Akhri Jazeera” and “Meri zaat zara-e-benishaan.” She has also benefited from Oxford Dictionary for Beginners and similar books to become proficient in English.

Nida along with her mother visited the Karachi Press Club on Thursday and evinced keen interest in its library where stacks of books have lain idle for decades because nobody is interested in reading them.
“Can I become a member of the KPC library and borrow books?” she asked, with a glint in her eyes The news.