Nawabshah Tragedy Schools with transport safety Regulations­

Karach:January 29:With the fatal Nawabshah incident still fresh in everybody’s mind, the directorate of private schools has decided to set in place a few regulations to prevent such accidents from occurring again.
Nineteen children had lost their lives in a road accident in Nawabshah when a school van crashed into a dumper truck about three weeks ago.
On Tuesday, the directorate called a meeting of private school associations at its office where it was decided that all vans should be registered with their respective schools. School principals would keep a copy of the van driver’s driving licence along with the maintenance certificates and tax records of the vehicle. The school vans should also have some sort of identification either in the shape of a car sticker or a separate colour. The vans should run on either natural gas or petrol, since switching fuels is often the reason for CNG blasts.
The only bone of contention among participants of the meeting was a clause under which school owners were to be held responsible for future road accidents.
Private schools do not work in ideal circumstances. We deal with political interference, student discipline and other matters every day... [so] why make transport our headache also?” remarked Sharfuzzaman, the chairperson of Private School Management Association. “It should be dealt by the city’s transport department.”
With the exception of a few schools, student transport is outsourced to private contractors. Hence school van owners are not answerable to the school management in case of any mishap.
Deteriorating quality of education offered at public schools has forced parents to opt for private ones which are mostly quite expensive.
To ease the burden on their pockets, many parents now choose Qingqi rickshaws as an alternative.
Schoolchildren are the future assets of our country. We have to protect them,” said Mansoob Siddiqui, the director of private schools.
He added that recommendations for regulations decided in the meeting would be forwarded to the transport department.The news.