Lecture on ‘Chemistry in Liaquat National Medical College

Karachi:January 14:Nations only progress and become strong by developing beautiful minds, rather than spending millions on solidifying their physical defences.
This was stated by eminent Pakistani scientist Prof Dr Atta-ur-Rahman during a lecture on ‘Chemistry in Life’ at the Liaquat National Hospital & Medical College on Friday morning.
Prof Rahman, who served as chairman of the Higher Education Commission and Minister of Education, Science and Technology during former president Pervez Musharraf’s era, revealed that one of his major aims in life was to improve the quality of higher education in Pakistan.
I convinced Musharraf that nations do not progress by strengthening defences but rather by developing beautiful minds,” he said, “My dream is ensuring higher education for all, which can be achieved by integrating free distance education into our teaching methodology.”
This method not only encourages students to study on their own but also ensures that they have access to the best material from around the globe,” stated Prof Rahman, “The most important lesson I try to teach my students is to have the courage to dream big and tread new paths.”
Responding to a query by The News regarding the hardships faced by Pakistani students acquiring higher education abroad on scholarships, he said that the Pakistan People’s Party government had made an erroneous decision by discontinuing the grants for students and that was the reason he tendered his resignation.
Before that, Pakistan’s PhD output had increased rapidly. One billion dollars were spent on foreign scholarships for our students looking to acquire higher education abroad. Each returning scholar was given access to a $100,000 research grant and guaranteed jobs,” said Prof Rahman.
However, he refrained from mentioning the large number of plagiarised dissertations submitted by Pakistani students, which were a cause of great shame for the country.
Prof Rahman, who became the first scientist from the Muslim world to win the prestigious UNESCO Science Prize in 1999, also spoke of the progress being made at his alma mater, the University of Karachi.
There have been exciting developments at KU. The number of foreign students has greatly increased and, at the moment, there are more than 300 German students enrolled at the International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences,” stated Prof Rahman.
He went on to speak about his passion for research in the field of genomics, stating that it is of the utmost importance due to its connection with food security. “The scarcity of freshwater is a creeping emergency for mankind. Disagreements between Pakistan and India over water resources must be resolved amicably, as it may well lead to a full-scale nuclear war between the neighbours,” cautioned Prof Rahman.The news.