Hussain Arif’s death mourned

Karachi :December 26: Friends and relatives mourned the death of renowned researcher and teacher Syed Hussain Arif Naqvi, who passed away in Islamabad on December 23. He was 70.
Syed Hussain Arif Naqvi was a former principal at Federal Government Schools in Islamabad. He also taught at Denez High School and Muslim High School Rawalpindi. He also remained associated with Islamic Studies Department of Allama Iqbal Open University.
Syed Hussain Arif Naqvi along with late Maulana Syed Saqlain Kazmi compiled ‘Tazkara Ulema-e-Imamia Pakistan’ and ‘Tazkara-e-Ulema Shumali Illaqajat (Northern Areas)’. He also conducted valuable research on various other religious topics.
His death is being termed by his friends and relatives an irreparable loss particularly for seekers of knowledge.The news.