A guide to Urdu literature

Karachi:In a unique collection of editorials titled ‘Maqalat-e-Iftitahya’, writer Syed Meraj Jami has effectively exposed the flaws within the current trends in Urdu literature while giving guidelines for writers as well as publishers to avoid adulterating this rich and beautiful literary language.
The compilation consists of Jami’s editorials written for the Urdu literary magazine, ‘Safeer-e-Urdu’, for which he works as an editor.

Although published from London, his work was acclaimed by both Pakistani as well as international writers, and his worthy approach to the issues faced by Urdu literature today finally prompted the publication of Jami’s editorials under one heading.

‘Maqalat-e-Iftitahya’ is a remarkable literary venture, as it not only highlights the serious problems being faced by Urdu writers, it also shares Jami’s own views on various dimensions such as language, prose, poetry, promotion of literature on the national as well as international front and many others.

Jami has also included his commentary on the merits of literary awards handed over by the government and the poor quality of some literary publications as well as the passive role that readers play in this paradigm today.

Even the opening note contributed by eminent Indian writer Dr Satia Pal A’anand was commendable for its articulation of Jami’s central themes.

Through his editorial dialogue Jami has pleaded the case of who he believed were noteworthy writers and publishers without sparing his criticism for those who he opined exploited readers as well as some writers in the name of literature.The news.