DUHS exams fee submission for MBBS repeat exam 2011

Karachi: 14 Dec: Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) Karachi has notified It is notified for information to the candidates of Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College & Dow International Medical College that the Examination form & fee of MBBS Semester IV Repeat Examination 2011 will be accepted as following upto: 22nd December 2011.
Examination Fee: Rs. 1250/-
How to Obtain Examination Form & Fee Voucher: Each student is issued a User-ID and Password by CMS through the college. Students can download/print their Examination Form And Fee Voucher by accessing http://dowpws.duhs.edu.pk:81/eportal/signon.php
For Help user guide is available on www.duhs.edu.pk/cmsug.doc OR
Email at cms@duhs.edu.pk
Submission Form & Fee: The prescribed fee is to be paid at bank. The respective college will receive the forms, paid fee voucher & required documents from the Eligible Candidates and will submit to the Examinations Department, Dow University of Health Sciences within two days with a list of candidates in triplicate completing the required formalities. The Payment Voucher of Examination Fee of each candidate may be enclosed with the examination form of the respective candidate. The following documents are required to be attached:
1. Photocopy of the Enrolment Card (Both Sides).
2. Photocopy of Previous Transcripts of all MBBS Examinations
3. Photocopy of the College Identity Card.
4. Original Fee Payment Voucher.
5. Copy of CNIC.
6. Any other document / information can be asked to submit in addition to above.
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