Karachi University investigation committee finds student and lecturer at fault

KARACHI:27 May: The investigation committee formed to investigate the alleged harassment of female student at Karachi University (KU) has submitted its report to Vice-Chancellor Dr Muhammad Ajmal Khan after two months.

The investigation committee has termed both the student, Shifa Imtiaz, and lecturer, Hassan Abbas, guilty of irresponsible behaviour.

The KU harassment committee submitted its report after two months recommending action to be taken against the student and teacher by the KU syndicate.

The varsity is a respectable institution where thousands of students, academic and non-academic staff are present and there is a need to clarify the rules of ethics, said the committee. The rules of ethics must be applied to the admission of students and teachers and administration staff must also agree to abide by these principles, said the report.

The report has found that both the accuser and victim have gone against the norms set down by society, the university and their families while the act of hurling allegations by both sides is regrettable.

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The investigation committee said the issue is an example of negligence by both the teacher and administration, as teachers are meant to set an example for students. Teaching is a respectable and sacred profession, according to the committee, which also declared that teachers are responsible for maintaining a respectable relationship between themselves and their students.

The committee said in its report that Abbas unfortunately did not maintain the sanctity of the profession and marred the dignity of his profession.

The report also said that Abbas tried to develop a personal relationship with the student and also commented several times on the student’s attire and pictures and contacted her during different times.

According to the committee report, the student asked Abbas to pass her and her friend in his class and when he refused she started a campaign against him through a private TV channel instead of approaching the head of the department or her student adviser.

The committee was formed after Imtiaz accused petroleum technology lecturer Abbas of harassing her.Express turbuni.