Sindh okays promotions of 600 college teachers

Sindh:February 8:The Sindh College Education Department convened a meeting of the Departmental Promotion Committee on Wednesday approved 600 promotions of male and female lecturers of colleges.

In a statement released by Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association (SPLA) Central President Professor Ferozuddin Siddiqui, SPLA Karachi Region President Professor Amirul Haq, and Karachi Region General Secretary Professor Munawwar Abbas appreciated efforts of College Education Secretary Dr Parvez Ahmad for holding the committee meeting for the promotion of college teachers.

They said that since the appointment of Dr Ahmad, a significant improvement in the curricular and extracurricular activities in colleges had been observed, a number of issues regarding academic staff and colleges had been resolved, and record numbers of promotions had been approved in 18, 19 and 20 grades.

The meeting was called after four years. Last time, it was held in 2014. In a letter on February 2, the SPLA action committee, another faction of the association headed by Professor Muhammad Yaqoob Chandon, had sent a letter to the chief minister, the chief secretary and the education minister and had provided figures of around 800 vacant posts.

The committee had demanded that since the DPC meeting was held after four long years, it was “a perfect time” to give promotions to all those who deserved them. The SPLA office-bearers expressed the hope that one of the old demands of the association, the implementation of a four-tier formula, would he reviewed and implemented soon.

In February last year, many college teachers from various districts in rural Sindh travelled to Karachi and staged a protest against the non-implementation of the four-tier promotion formula, which exists in other provinces of the country.

“We are fighting for the implementation of the four-tier formula for years now. But the Sindh government and its education department are not listening to us at all,” one of the protesting teachers had said.

“In the past, the then secretary education was one of the main hurdles and when the provincial government divided the education department into two separate departments, we thought our struggling days were over. But now we have realised that nothing has changed except the names and faces in the department.”The news.