PTI urges govt to reconstruct schools Dilapidated buildings:

Karachi:03 January:The education officer of the taluka, Mehmooda Khowaja, told the media that the school lacked a building structure. She added that the students were no longer safe in the school and they would be shifted to another school in the proximity.

According to the Sindh Education Profile 2016-17, as many as 6,567 schools in the province were functioning in buildings which had been declared dangerous. Among such schools, 5,998 were primary schools. The buildings of 324 middle schools, 214 secondary schools and 31 higher secondary schools were also in tumbledown state.

The number of schools operating without a building was counted at 4,910 in the profile. As many as 4,810 such schools were primary schools. Another 14,905 schools were being run in one-room structures among which 14,678 were providing primary education. Express News.