International Peace Day at Shah Abdul Latif University

KHAIRPUR:22 September: International Peace Day was observed at Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) with the under the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on Thursday. The program was jointly organised by the SALU institute of International Relations and the Department of Media Studies.

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Imdad Hussain Sahito said that the Muslim world had been suffering as a result of atrocities by non-democratic forces. He stressed that education and dialogue has an important role in peace building.

Also speaking at the event, Prof Sikandar Mehdi said that peace is vital for the welfare of young people as it brings progress, development and employment. He warned that peace is endangered in the modern world, and that Japan and European countries are peaceful because they have learnt their lessons from the two World Wars. He stated that democracy is always preferable to dictatorship and that several underdeveloped countries around the world remained in danger of falling under dictatorial regimes, including Pakistan. He warned that the Soviet Union had disintegrated because of a non-democratic approach to governance. His words were backed by Prof Amir Ahmed Khuhro, who said that international peace would bring socio-economic development and positive change. Prof Muhammad Lashari lauded the HEC for taking an initiative for the promotion of peace and said that such events gave students a platform to play their role against extremism.

Drug peddlers jailed: Naushero Feroze Court gave 25 year jail sentences to two drug dealer on Thursday. The sentence was awarded by Session Judge Naushahro Feroze to Hakim Khan Pathan and Akbar Khan Pathan. The Court also imposed a fine of Rs. 100,000 on both of them. If the fine is defaulted the accused will have six months added to their jail sentence.
Published in Daily Times, September 22nd 2017.