Medical, dental colleges relax admission requirements in Karachi

KARACHI:19 October:The department of health has ended the pre-requisite of matriculation and Intermediate in science qualification for admissions to medical and dental colleges in Karachi for 2017-2018.
According to the new policies, it has been decided that irrespective of where the candidates may have done their matriculation and Intermediate from, they will be eligible to apply for admission at medical and dental colleges provided that they are in possession of a Karachi B-form.
Before the new policy, it was compulsory to have an Intermediate science background and matriculation from Karachi. The administration stated that several students from Karachi would complete their schooling and college from cadet colleges, within the city, country or abroad, but majority of them would not be able to secure admission.

PMDC asks medical colleges to follow admission quota

Based on a centralised admission policy, this year it has been decided that candidates can have a matriculation and Intermediate qualification from anywhere, as long as there is a B-form from Karachi as a pre-requisite. This measure is taken for birth verification in the district. Similar policies have been introduced in medical colleges across Sindh.

The department of health has announced that the entry test and merit list for admissions in the medical and dental colleges in Karachi will be provided by Dow University of Health Sciences this year.The Express Tribune.