SHC moved against cancellation of NTS entry tests

Karachi:20 November:The provincial government’s notification regarding cancellation of entry test results for public sector medical colleges and universities was challenged in Sindh High Court on Saturday.
Petitioners Haziq Khursheed and a non-government organisation, Pasban Foundation, have moved the high court against the recent decision of the Sindh government to cancel all admissions tests conducted by the National Testing Service for medical colleges and universities.
The petitioners submitted that 22,000 candidates appeared for the entry tests which were conducted at five different centres. Of these, a total of 2,100 students cleared the tests. They said after the announcement of results rumours circulated on social media regarding an alleged leak of the NTS paper a day before the test.
These rumours, they said, were the basis for questions raised by candidates over the validity of the NTS and the consequent plea to the SHC against it. The petitioners maintained that the health department, without lawful authority or justification, favoured those who failed the tests by forming a committee to inquire the alleged paper leak, an act that was beyond the department’s scope and jurisdiction.
They argued the notification by the health secretary to cancel the tests was illegal as he had no power to issue such orders. They alleged that the controversy was a scam and the campaign was organised with political backing to render redundant an independent testing process that does not allow political elements to fleece students.
The petitioners said private medical institutes were the beneficiaries in such a situation as students reserved seats in private institutes in case they fail to secure admission in public ones. The court was requested to declare illegal the notification issued by the Sindh health department and to order that the petitioners and others who had passed the test were entitled to admission. The petitioners also sought an injunction against any fresh entry tests for public medical colleges and universities in the year 2017-18. The court was also asked to direct the government to develop a standardised system for admissions to public medical colleges and universities. The news.