Dawood Public School celebrates Universal Children's Day

KARACHI:21 November:The Dawood Public School (DPS) arranged on Monday a programme with the help of parent volunteers for around 3,000 students at its premises to celebrate Universal Children’s Day.

Children from all backgrounds playing together and having fun under one roof, which is the true representation of Universal Children’s Day.
This was stated by a DPS teacher and the event organiser, Nasreen Hasan. We believe that fostering compassionate action is vital to wellbeing of children, she added.

Keeping up with the spirit of Universal Children’s Day, DPS, with help of parent volunteers, organised a colourful programme for children of all ages. The theme of the day was sharing and caring, which aimed to bring children from all backgrounds to play and work together to create a sense of equality and harmony amongst them.

Children’s access to education is a right

Around 3,000 students from different schools engaged in thrilling activities at the event. Students from DPS and Rahat-e-Islamia School, adopted by The Dawood Foundation, participated along with students from other schools, including Khatoon-e-Pakistan School, Lady Marium Adamjee School, Aclep and The Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children.

The event included a magic show in which the magician performed different tricks and illusions. The students also enjoyed a bubble show, playdough activity and slime-making.

Volunteering parents of DPS students also contributed to make the event memorable by bringing beautifully wrapped gifts and jumping castles. Each volunteer assisted DPS staff in managing the event.

Unfinished agenda

“We are delighted to volunteer with DPS in hosting these marvelous children from schools in underprivileged areas of Karachi. It is important for us, as adults, to teach values without discrimination to our children,” said Dr Farah, a volunteering parent of a student at DPS.

Commenting on the unwavering efforts of staff, teachers, students of DPS and volunteers, Talat Hashimi from the Society for the Rehabilitation of Special Children said, “We would like to thank the students of DPS and everyone, including teachers and parents, who dedicated their time and efforts in inculcating the empathy in our children and inspired them to become better human beings”.Express News.