Checks in place to stop tampering of mark sheets, says BSEK

KARACHI:06 November:The Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK) has implemented strong checks to prevent forgery and tampering with mark sheets of the matriculation and ninth grade examinations. This was said by BSEK Chairperson Prof Dr Saeeduddin.

The BSEK chairperson added that this year, the board had got the mark sheets for the ninth and matriculation examinations printed from the Pakistan Security Printing Press, which had secured the key documents with secret barcodes.

Another significant change that has been made in the format of the mark sheets is the insertion of the student’s birth date. While enrolling their children, many parents deliberately or unintentionally fill in the space for the birth date of their child with an incorrect date or year, which does not match with the date listed on the birth certificate and other documents. Many such students face problems in future as their dates of birth inscribed on various documents contradict each other. The new system would rectify the error instantly, claimed the BSEK chairperson.The news.