Bhagat Ram auditorium inaugurated at Shah Abdul Latif University

SHIKARPUR:November 2: On the eve of 78th death anniversary of Shaheed Kanwar Bhagat Ram, an auditorium hall was inaugurated by Dr Parveen Shah, Shah Abdul Latif University (SALU) Khaipur Vice Chancellor Saeen Sadhram Sahib at SALU Shikarpur campus.

Bhagat Kanwar Ram was a spiritual leader, singer and sufi poet and he was assassinated in a sectarian targeted attack at Ruk Railway Station in Shikarpur in December 1939 when Shikarpur was a town of district Sukkur.

Bhagat Kanwar Ram was born on April 13, 1885 at village Jarwar of Sukkur district.

Dr Parveen Shah, Saeen Sadhram Sahib, Professor Purkash Lal and others highlighted services rendered by Kanwar Ram and paid homage to him.

SALU Campus Shikarpur PVC Lutufullah Mangi said that when Bhagat used to sing, people forgot their problems and used to shower their money and expensive ornaments over him. While during singing and dancing he always unconsciously went into another realm, but Bhagat never kept even a single penny for his family from the collected money and instead distributed it among the poor and deserving people without any discrimination.

Speakers said that Bhagat always worked to spread tolerance and tranquility in the area and he was not only popular among Hindus but among Muslims as well with his melodious voice which ranged over a very wide scale.

His recordings of devotional songs are famous all over Sindh because his songs were broadcasted regularly over radio Ceylon (Hindi Service) during 1950s and 60s, Lutufullah informed. Every year on November 1, his lovers gather at Ruk Railway Station to commemorate Bhagat Kanwar Ram and pay tribute to him for his services. A number of female, male students and notable citizens participated in the event.Published in Daily Times, November 2nd 2017.