More than 108,000 students to appear for BISE exams today

KARACHI:06May:Meanwhile, the BIEK chairperson told The Express Tribune that they already have more than 60 teams working in two shifts for vigilance and the board official himself has conducted raids and surprise visits at centres. “We have caught around 70 students cheating in the first week of the annual exams,” he said.

Ahmed also said that students are not allowed to take their mobile phones with them in the centres while at many colleges invigilators ask students to switch off their phones and submit them to the school. The phones are returned after the paper.

Speaking about how technology is being used to cheat and the existence of ‘cheating groups’ on Whatsapp, he said the board is responsible for the use of mobile phones within the centres but cannot control what people outside centres send. Ahmed also complained that despite several letters to the police, no security has been provided to the centre officials.Express News.