HSSC exams transparency marred as more irregularities reported

Karachi:03 May:Intermediate candidates at a government college in Quaidabad were caught copying answers from different WhatsApp groups during an examination on Tuesday.

The students disclosed said their teachers encouraged them to join the groups, the administrators of which would charge Rs5,000 per student to provide them with answers.

The tactic was revealed when Sindh Colleges Director General Dr Nasir visited the Government Degree Boys College, Quaidabad, near Jogi Mor.

During the visit, the director general saw students using mobile phones during exams. On being asked how students managed to sneak their phones inside the exam room, one of the invigilators responded that the candidates' parents found it difficult to contact their children after the examination. Therefore, the invigilators allowed the students to bring in their phones on condition that they would switch it off.

This happened despite the authorities’ concerned issuing a press release a few days ago prohibiting the mobile phones inside exam halls.

Earlier, during a visit to a government college in Landhi, Dr Nasir also expressed concern over five students sharing a single bench to solve the exam paper.The news.