Four-day conference Integrating maths, science in education

Karachi:May 29:In order to develop a greater level of education and ensure the teachers are up to the mark, the school administration has set up a training system for which a separate training coordinator has been hired. The coordinator is responsible for training teachers every day for an hour. “Nowadays we are working on lesson planning training,” shared the training coordinator, Mirza Bilal Baig.

“We also are keen to develop students’ creative skills and support them to become confident members of society,” said the headmaster, adding that they have assigned days for the classes to arrange assembly proceedings and awards are given to the best teams to develop their confidence and intellectual levels.
All the school buildings built under this project are disaster-proof and have their own water filtration plants installed. The water is filtered twice before being provided to the students for drinking purposes. The Kuoro Goth school building has 50 full sized solar panel plates installed on its terrace, which are enough to cater to the usage of electricity for the whole school.

CFC manages everything in the school from the salaries of the staff to the petty maintenance of the school, for which they are given a specific amount of money by the education department.

A separate clinic has been established at the school where students and their parents can come for check-ups and the doctor can refer them to city hospitals if their ailments are serious. As the locals cannot read or even speak Urdu, the doctor has devised a mechanism that includes referrals on coloured paper, with each colour signifying the degree of severity.The news.