In a first: Licences to be issued to hearing impaired

KARACHI:19 May:Science is all about engagement with the experiment,” she said, adding that the students here just have a hearing problem while all of their other senses work phenomenally. “The children are learning and understanding the theories and laws by touching, smelling and watching,” Lalarukh added.
Four students from Lyari’s DCTO Kiran School were also present at the festival as volunteers to help the children understand the experiments through sign language. “These volunteers have learnt sign language to help hearing-impaired children,” said Areeb Minhaj, who was teaching children sign language.

“I started learning sign language when I was three-and-half years old,” said Amir Hamza, who learnt it because his younger brother is hearing impaired. Hamza and his best friend, cousin and youngest brother work as volunteers to help hearing-impaired students communicate with others.

Through various sessions, the differently-abled children learnt mathematics with the help of cards, boxes, abacus and simple calculations. “Children get bored with their daily routine but such festivals are refreshing for them, through which they learn something new,” said one of the teachers, adding that they teach the children using visuals, videos and interactive techniques.
The school has 186 students registered from playgroup till intermediate level. There are 30 teachers who are performing their duties in the school, of which 60% teachers are also hearing-impaired.Express Turbune.