Another school razed to the ground in Karachi

KARACHI:21May:Around 200 students of Ideal Public School left the school on Thursday only to return on Friday to find the building reduced to rubble.

Students could be seen picking out their books, copies, chairs and blackboards from the debris and moving it to the safer side. The 15-room school was demolished by Karachi Development Authority (KDA) Thursday evening as, according to them, the school was running illegally and the land was encroached upon.

“The school got off at 1pm and the teachers left around 2pm yesterday,” recalled the principal of the school, Naureen Maqbool. She added that she got a call from one of the teachers at the school, who said that some police vans and heavy machinery have arrived and are demolishing the school. Maqbool, whose father works at a company, runs the school along with her younger brother.The news.