25 cases of cheating reported in Matric exams in Karachi

KARACHI:06May:Commenting on how the questions papers are released on Whatsapp groups before the exams start, the chairperson said that the question paper s leave the board office at 7am to be delivered at the 118 centres all over the city. The papers reach examination centres between 9am and 9:15am and the paper is usually on Whatsapp groups before 9:30am, when the morning papers start.
“Once the paper reaches the centre, it is opened and students are in the exam halls,” he said, adding that when students are caught cheating, the case goes to the board and the team constituted to deal with cheating cases decides their punishment according to the type of cheating. Students can be suspended for a few years and the examination papers can also be cancelled, according to the board’s rules.
He also said that they are forwarding the case of cheating via Whatsapp to the Federal Investigation Agency and cybercrime division for investigation. Express News.