PMA opposes making Dow College a separate university

KARACHI:11May: The Medical fraternity has raised eyebrows over the news that Sindh Government has decided in principle to carve out a new Medical University in Karachi at Dow International Medical College (DIMC).

Pakistan Medical Association (Karachi) on Saturday said in a statement " that it was very much concerned about such news and warned Sindh Government to refrain from making a new university as it was, according to PMA, waste of money.

The move to create new university was ill conceived.

"Pakistan Medical Association strongly condemns this ill conceived idea of creating a new university just to please some individuals. PMA also believes that Billions of rupees will be wasted in this adventure without having any positive impact on the medical education," said Dr Ahmed Bhimani, General Secretary PMA Karachi.

"PMA demands that Sindh Government should refrain from making a new university, Government of Sindh should concentrate to consolidate the state of affairs at already existing universities and help in improving medical education in the province," he further added.

In 2003, Dow Medical College (DMC) was given the status of a university and became Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS). After getting university status, it has successfully established various institutions including DIMC.

The statement added that the reason behind this move was that a meritorious appointment at DUHS is not acceptable to some individual in the government and to take revenge an established institution like DUHS should be bifurcated.

Dr Bhimani was of the view that as far as DIMC was concerned, it was a college which admits foreign students and charges a hefty amount of money like 22000 US dollars per student/per year.

"The total revenue generated in this regard becomes more than a billion rupees collected by five registered batches, which does not include the donations. These donations are neither accounted for nor audited," he added.

"Secondly DIMC's faculty is shared by Dow Medical College. In these circumstances creating a new university will further aggravate the poor situation of medical faculty and the standard of medical educations which is already in shambles, will further deteriorates."Daily Times.