Intel recognizes youth of Pakistan

KARACHI:June 9: The finalists of this year's Intel International Science & Engineering Fair (ISEF) and the alumni of previous years were acknowledged in Education Ambassadors and Alumni Awards in Karachi.
The awards were presented in recognition of the outstanding achievements of organizations and individuals working with the Intel® Education Initiative in Pakistan over the years. The Chief Guest of event was Mr Aien Shah Head of Education Aga Khan Education Services Pakistan and attended by leading educationists of the country.
While addressing the ceremony Aien Shah said these guys have made every thing possible without shying and we must prove ourselves if we have the opportunity and these guys avail the opportunity and proved their selves.

If we look at the history we have already done all these things before nothing is new just the way of thinking has been changed, but purpose is to change human mind in positive way by using technology for the wellness of mankind, these guys have done marvelous job and they must be appreciated he added.

"Since 2003, the Intel Innovation in Education Ambassadors and Alumni Awards appreciated the efforts of Intel ISEF Finalists who have participated in the International Science & Engineering Fair held in Los Angeles, USA in May this year. The alumni of past years were also awarded for their achievements and research in science as well as the integration of technology in education" Spokesperson ISEF explained

Haseeb Ahmed, a winner from Aga Khan Higher Secondary School has tried to design an energy device which can recharge the electronic things which is prototype circuit design, in which on the basis of the piezoelectric effect he amplified small range voltages (0.1-0.9) into mild range voltages (up to 6-8 volts) to charge up a secondary cell by induced vibrations from any oscillating sources (wind from fan, sound from music, motion etc.) through operational transistors.Daily Times.