Calligraphy exhibition featuring 61 works held

Karachi:June 19:The Karachi Arts Council was host to a calligraphy exhibition featuring both professional and amateur artists.
The exhibition, which was organised on Friday, was based on 61 works. All the works reflected talent, professionalism and a deep-seated religious fervour.
Despite all the works being masterpieces, some stood out even among these. For example, there was one titled “Noou wel Kalam”, meaning thereby “whatever has been revealed through divine sources reached the followers with the pen”.

The artist is Fasihuddin Qureshi, who happens to be an Arts Council official and was the curator of the exhibition.

Another imposing exhibit is the big mural with “Allah” as its centerpiece. The mere colouring is so intricate that it gives the viewer the feeling of being at one with the cosmos and seeing the glory of God’s creation.

The work has been accomplished by students of the Arts Council Institute of Arts and Crafts. Red and blue are the main colours.

Karachi Commissioner Ejaz Ahmed Khan, who inaugurated the exhibition by cutting the tape, congratulated the Arts Council on having organised such an auspicious event and praised the high professional standard of the artists.

He said that it was very encouraging to see the religious fervor our people were imbued with.

Earlier, Qudsia Akbar, while welcoming the chief guest, said that this exhibition had been held for two decades now and ostensibly it had gone a long way to cultivate the artstic sense among our youngsters. Later, certificates of participation were distributed among the artists.The news.