Teachers of govt schools incapable of using modern learning tools

KARACHI:01July: Despite the world is encircled with modern technologies but most of the Pakistani teachers, employed in government schools even don't know the uses of modern technologies as a learning tool to deliver quality education in schools as 98 percent of the teachers acquire smart mobile phones, laptops and use internet, educationist believes.

It is a general concept, the teachers who are aware of subject matters, are better to convey the concepts of learning to their students. "Some of the private schooling systems have already equipped and trained its teachers with modern tools of learning to deliver quality education", said Zeba Shafi, an educationist and resident manager of DIL, a private foundation working for education.

"Initially we adopted the concept of using smart mobile phones as learning tool and in the various campuses of DIL, teachers were outfitted with smart mobile phones to deliver lessons in the class rooms to the students, as follow-on we observed much better results because our initial organized group of 200 upper primary teachers had improved 40 percent in mathematics teaching and had acquired 30 percent raise in English", she added.

On the other hand, teachers of the state-ran schools are incapable to consider the utilization of such techniques in the learning process. "The modern learning tools like smart mobile phones and its applications would be useful for the subject content developments, progress and enhancement of quality education in the educational institutes as well as for regular monitoring but the teacher of government schools almost don't know the uses of mobile phone's application in the process of learning" Prof Syed Mazhar Husssain, President of Tanzeem e Asatiza Pakistan said.

It is a reality that those students who are enrolled with government schools don't have enough money to use such expensive technologies for learning but teachers of those schools need to be alerted of modern teaching methods, he agreed, overviewed that the one of the essential rules among best teaching methods is how to teach the students in classrooms in accordance with modern age. Consequently, children of the government schools should be engaged to understand the latest instrumental use for learning.

However, teachers of the government schools are disappointed and even they are facing lack of basic facilities in the schools. "Expecting from government, to conduct trainings for the latest learning tools and teaching by means of applications or to be provided the latest learning resources to the teachers in government schools is like a spring for the dried trees, Kalim Khan, a teacher of Government Primary School Gulshan-e-Iqbal said, added if teachers are oblivious to bring into play new technologies, their students would not be able to survive in upcoming new era as well.

In the term of using latest learning tools, a number of educationists agreed that the new ideas and techniques are introducing day by day especially smart phone's applications offers diagrams, maps, basic grammar and many more which are not only beneficial for the students but also gives control to the teachers over their own understanding and learning- even those application can be paused and repeated according to its need and also view off-line anytime at anyplace. Daily Times,