FDE schools Summer Vacations

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The Government Girls Primary School Rahat-e-Islamia has been adopted by TDF while Khatoon-e-Pakistan Government Girls School has been adopted by the Zindagi Trust. The camp was set up with the help of DPS staff, who are organising the camp with other partners.
The event was planned and supervised by Ghazala Iqbal, Mahvish Roshani, Nasreen Hassan, Mahjabeen and Bilquis Talwala, while 10 teachers from DPS and 14 volunteers worked to make the camp a success. It comprised 56 students from Rahat-e-Islamia, 21 students from Khatoon-e-Pakistan and 39 children of the staff members of DPS.
The camp has been designed for learning through art and crafts, computers, yoga, science, music, indoor and outdoor games. It is organised in partnership with the Pakistan Science Club, RoboTech and GarbageCan.
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“We believe that imparting education to this segment of our society would help us in bringing a positive social change,” said DPS O Levels Principal Mahvash Roshani. She added that through the summer camp, teachers and staff of DPS are inculcating learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills among children.
“In this way, we are able to amplify their self-confidence,” she said.
The summer camp aims to educate children in a fun-filled environment where they feel free to exhibit their creative talent. The arts and crafts module embarked kids on a colourful and imaginative journey. The music classes let them have a good time where they sang their favourite rhymes and songs.
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Pakistan Science Club, in their science session, makes students learn basic experiments through fun. Another partner, RoboTech, is teaching children basic math through abacus and quick math techniques, helping them develop an interest in the subject.
Meanwhile GarbageCan and their volunteers are educating children about Karachi’s trash crisis and how to reuse and recycle. This gives the young minds an opportunity to come up with solutions to manage waste.
Yoga practice sessions are also being organised at the camp which will help instill the idea of physical fitness and wellbeing.
Six teachers from Rahat-e-Islamia were also given hands-on training of MS Office and InPage to enhance their skill set.The Express Tribune.
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