Education reforms in Karachi

Karachi:July 30:There are several top-notch universities and colleges in Pakistan, but, sadly, the education sector of the country is following a downward trend. The main reason for this negative trajectory might be the absence of a uniform education system. The swarm of private and state-owned education institutions has tampered with the quality of education that is being dispensed at education institutions. Schools and colleges follow different board of education and teach their students accordingly. Students on whom more money is being spent are naturally a step ahead as compared to students who are going to state-owned education institutions.

Even among private education institutions, there are many that are charging a high fee. This fee structure has made these schools less affordable for a large number of people, especially those who belong to the country’s middle-class. In addition, the standard of almost every university in the country is not up to the mark. This is why many students aspire to go abroad for higher studies. After completing their studies, many students apply for jobs in a foreign company, resulting in the so-called brain drain. In order to retain our talent in the country, it is vital to take necessary steps to improve the quality of education.The news.