Digital Youth Summit kicks off

Karachi:14 July:Tehrik-e-Niswan is a non-profit organisation established in 1979 that focuses on issues related to women and promotes arts and culture.
Kermani said that this is the first residential convention for young people to gain awareness and appreciation of art and culture. She received a great response from youth belonging to different universities and colleges.

“We believe that to create a civilised, tolerant and inclusive society free from violence and discrimination, it is imperative that we give our youth an understanding about the importance of art and culture and knowledge about the richness of their cultural heritage,” Kermani added.

Grooving to the beat: Global connectivity through dance

She said that this can only happen if creative arts are taught, so that people open up their imaginations to be able to live up to their full creative potential.

Trainers, gurus and experts in various fields will give lectures in the disciplines of art, dance, music, theatre, handicrafts and aesthetics at the convention. These arts will motivate the youth to move away from violence and ‘gun culture’, she added.

She said that during the seven days, participants would follow a routine that would include yoga, followed by intensive workshops, lecture-demonstrations and performances on folk and classical heritage. Traditional, classical and folk performers have been invited to the convention for entertainment and giving information about their respective art, she added.The news.