International Conference SALU to hold moot on research

Karachi:28 February:He compared and contrasted the philosophy of knowledge-seeking in the West and East, with emphasis on the role of religion. Dr Shah recommended that people must take serious steps to establish a society based on the moral values of justice, tolerance and scientific thinking in order to eradicate radical elements from society, which are exploiting the innocent youth by involving them in terrorism.
Dr Nazir Sangi, a professor at Allama Iqbal University, discussed the ‘Model for Socio Economic Development Professional Students’. In his speech, Dr Sangi highlighted the role of information technology in national progress.
He said that, according to a survey he conducted, 69% of youth possess smart phones with internet access and as a result of this we have huge potential of information and communication technology (ICT) based economic activities, which need to be unleashed.The Express Tribune.