100 students awarded degrees at IVS convocation

Karachi:December 10:The 24th convocation of the Indus Valley School (IVS) of Art and Architecture was held on Saturday at the institution’s campus in Clifton where 100 students were awarded degrees in various disciplines.

Seventeen students from the Department of Architecture, 14 from the Department of Interior Design, 26 from the Department of Communication Design, 20 from the Department of Textile Design and 23 from the Department of Fine Arts received their degrees from the school’s senior officials.

Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, IVS Board of Governors Chairman Dr Ishrat Husain and IVS Executive Committee Chairperson Sameera Raja were keynote speakers at the event.

In her address, Sharmeen urged the graduates to not be afraid of failures because mistakes hold valuable life lessons. “I have stumbled numerous times in my life but my failures have taught me more about myself than my successes,” she said.

The filmmaker also emphasised the importance of being tolerant. “We have forgotten how to empathise with one another and the key to our future lies in kindness and empathy. As you go into the world you will meet people you disagree with, there will be heated exchanges and difficult conversations but learn to be kind, that will carry you far,” she said.

Speaking about the various social issues she has highlighted through her documentaries, Sharmeen urged the graduates to fight for the kind of world that they wanted to live in. “When you embody the change you want to see around you, others will follow. It is important to fight for what you believe in,” she said.

Presenting the institution’s annual report, IVS Executive Director Samina Raees Khan said that IVS was reaching out to marginalised communities through its community service projects as well as through scholarships and Qarz-e-Hasna, a financial assistance programme for students with limited finances.

During 2017, the school provided Rs15.8 million to 87 students in the undergraduate programme, while for the upcoming year, it has made a fresh commitment to fund education of 29 new students at a cost of Rs4.8 million and continue support for 69 enrolled students, she said.

Samina announced that 2018 will mark the school’s 25th year in existence and it has planned year-long events along with the alumni association to celebrate its achievements. Congratulating the students and parents, Dr Ishrat Husain, the chairman of the IV Board of Governors, said the school’s greatest strength is its exceptional faculty and their sense of commitment.

“Over my career, I have observed many remarkable institutions of higher learning in Pakistan and abroad. These institutions gained excellence only because of one very important and special common characteristic – they all had engaged, excellent and dedicated faculty who were committed to their teaching, scholarship and to the life of their institutions,” he said.

The only path to success is continuous learning, humility, and integrity not short cuts and instant gratification, said Husain. “Only those who work hard, with resolute determination and act honestly are bound to eventually get ahead despite many trials and tribulations. Never let integrity slip away from you even for a moment. Always keep a strong grip on it,” he said.The news.