Elected members of Federal Urdu University for Technology

KARACHI:13 August: After the election of the Federal Urdu University for Arts Science and Technology (FUUAST)'s Nominating Committee, the new elected members who represent the faculty members, vow to expel the varsity from the administrative mismanagement which existed for last two year.
It's been two years since the acting Vice Chancellor Sulaiman D Muhammad had taken the charge of the VC for three months ; a temporary period merely- and had announced to constitute a Search Committee to initiate the process for the appointment of regular VC. Unfortunately, all such claims and promises of the acting VC were not carried out which were decided to be completed within his in- interim period.

Ironically, the acting management of the varsity didn't even approach to the Islamabad High Court to get rid of the stay order on the either initiating process for permanent VC or to form a Search Committee. The acting VC and his team had however begun a long legal battle to draw out their own short-term tenure relatively.

Unexpectedly, the administrative crisis became worst and all the FUUAST's decision making bodies suffered a lot including the Graduate and Research Management Council, Academic Council, Affiliation Committee, Senate and Syndicate which remained non-functional almost or officiated as directed by acting management .

Because of the mismanagement and looting of public funds, the FUUAST's teaching community ascertained the tactics of acting management. In response, the teaching community elected two keenly opponent teachers of the anti-VC group, Dr Irfan Aziz from the department of mass communication and Dr Iftikhar Tahiri from chemistry department in the current NC's election to tracked the varsity on right path.

Nominating Committee is a statutory body of the varsity which includes seven members, two members will be added through election process on simple majority from teachers, 4 members will be from FUUAST's Senate and the remaining one member will be a nominee of the two elected teachers by mutual understanding. "This year, the teachers have trusted us just for the sake their future and to carry out varsity from the crises" , said Aziz, added that last election was conducted since 2013 in which one members was from acting VC's group who was not interested to resolve the problems faced by teaching community.

He further said that senior faculty members are getting retirement without taking their due promotions while acting management don't have the authority to appoint new teachers which is not only evolving the teacher crises in the varsity but is also affecting the academia. "We'll focus to revoke all the mismanagement in the GRMC, Academic Council and Affiliation Committee because the acting administration which has no concern with these bodies and as well awarded even PhD degrees to some blue eyed fellows", he informed that Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has also notified the acting management to provide the record of GRMC regarding the awarded PhDs to the research fellows from 2015.

"We'll speed up the anti-VC movement in the varsity and will also raise tone in all respective decision making forums as I have resisted before", said Tahiri, and Sulaiman wants to be the acting VC till his retirement in 2019 which is unlawful.

He pointed out that the acting management spend huge funds on the non-developmental works and projects despite the apex court had given its decision last year to vacate Islamabad's campus of the varsity in which 6 months have already passed but the varsity's management didn't initiate construction work on its own 80 acre plot located near Chak Shahzad, Islamabad.

It is worthwhile mentioning here that HEC has deducted around Rs 1 billion from FUUAST's budget in last two years to minimize the financial corruption.Published in Daily Times, August 13th 2017.