3rd Int’l Children’s Films Festival at Sindh University

JAMSHORO:26 august: Two-day 3rd International Children's Films Festival 2017 was opened on Friday at Institute of Art and Design, University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

The festival has been organised by the institute in collaboration with The Little Art, a Lahore-based organisation working with international collaborations by closely selecting creative and conceptual films across globe and exhibiting them at various cities and educational institutions in the country.
Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Fateh Muhammad Burfat expressed his pleasure regarding crosscutting theme projected in films that were screened on the occasion.

"I am delighted to witness firsthand impressive, informative and involved interaction of students and youth who have come to watch movies which have so far been presented", he said.

He said it was very crucial for children and youth to learn various facets, experiences and challenges of life and also inculcate in them acumen to overpower otherwise jeopardising situations.

He termed films a powerful medium, which could transform minds through its alluring visual impact as research had proven in different world contexts.

Dr Burfat said well-known director and actor Yar Muhammad Shah belonging to Sindh but his talent was recognised, initially at Lahore and later acknowledged at various international forums.

Secretary Board of Revenue Sindh Munawar Ali Mahesar said, "My worldview and international exposure informed me concept of failure should not exist in society and educational institutions".

There is only one condition to be successful in life is that students should work very hard; they don't have anything to lose while being a part of the higher institutions like SU; they only win and seek cutting-edge knowledge, he added.

Explaining how films will also be screened at educational institutions, he said, "Disrespect for basic human rights continues to be widespread in all parts of the globe including Pakistan. This is why films have been selected for the festival from different genres by international filmmakers to highlight violations of human rights around the world and raise the social issues."

Director development of The Little Art Umer Aijaz Khan said films were effective medium of media through

which the extremist attitudes from youths could be ended easily.
Efforts by Saeed Mangi consecutively for third year after its successful holding in 2015 and 2016 at the varsity are laudable, he remarked.

It took almost a year to collect the films from 20 countries along with his team would be at SU whenever they were invited.

Each year, festival brings some of the best international films to SU to promote, peace, creativity, world cultures and the art. Nearly 3,000 children and young people each year in Jamshoro from urban and rural areas are primary beneficiaries, irrespective of their gender, social status, class, education or income level.
We collaborate with NGOs and community organisations to show world's best films to out-of-school and marginalised children across Pakistan, he said.

Yar Muhammad Shah said Sindh and music were inseparable. "I mostly worked in Bollywood and stayed everywhere in Pakistan but my soul live in Sindh," he remarked.

Later, films festival showcased some 60 films including 3 films prepared by students of Institute and rest from abroad-selected from among 500 received from 20 countries to suit viewers of all age groups, especially children.

Nearly 500 students of University and various schools of Jamshoro were invited. Dean faculty of Arts Dr Javed Iqbal, Dr Mehmood Mughal, SUTA President Dr Azhar Ali Shah, Prof Naimatullah Khilji and Prof Ghulam Ali Buriro were among prominent people who attended the ceremony.
Published in Daily Times, August 26th 2017.