Students in Sindh and Balochistan are cheating in Exam

Karachi:23 April:Education is one of the basic rights of every citizen. In our country, the education sector is in decline. In fact, it seems that students are also not serious about their studies. A growing number of students in Sindh and Balochistan are cheating in examination with the help of hidden solved papers and mobile devices. Students trick invigilators and keep their mobile phones with them.
Cheating in examination destroys the future of students but no one seems to realise this. At times, even invigilators help students cheat. The standard of education in Sindh has deteriorated over the years because of cheating. If this culture is not eradicated, the education sector will remain in decline. The concerned authorities are requested to look into the matter and resolve the issue. Concrete steps from a primary level should be taken so that no one cheats in an examination.The news.