SEF, Sindh govt signs contract with partners to run high schools

Karachi:04 April: The Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), Govt. of Sindh oriented the selected partners on technical and legal aspects of the partnership contract to be signed for establishment, and running, of middle and high schools in Sindh under public-private partnership model.
The partners were selected through a three-month long transparent, merit-based process for establishment of post-primary schools under the second phase of the SEF Middle/High School Program, which is endorsed and financially supported by the Government of Sindh with an overall objective to gradually bridge the huge gap between primary and post-primary education in the province. The program was launched in 2016 and, at the moment, supports more than 100 middle/high schools in its first phase.

Under the partnership contract, SEF is responsible for the per-child subsidy (tuition fees), content-based and general professional development of teachers, management and leadership training of head teachers, and annual assessment of students. Throughout the contract period, SEF keeps holding hands of the partner in order to ensure quality in terms of physical and academic environment of the school.

The contract, explained by the technical team of the Foundation, focuses on quality of education, nurturing classroom environment, development of the child, and fair use of the public money which is provided to the partner.

Addressing the gathering, renowned economist, chairman of SEF’s Executive and Finance Committee and member of the board, Dr. Kaiser Bengali said, “As teacher, I believe it’s we who decide the fate of the child – it’s the teachers who decide whether the child will have a share in the nation building, and prove to be an individual who is contributing towards the broader welfare of the society.The news.