Fazil Jamili’s book ‘Gumnam Aadmi Ka Bayaan’ launched

Karachi:April 29:Journalist Wustaullah Khan enthralled the audience at the inaugural ceremony of poet and journalist Fazil Jamili’s book ‘Gumnam Aadmi Ka Bayaan’ with his witty observation on the book’s title.

“The book’s title suggest that a man named Fazil Jamili has written an account of someone who was detained by intelligence agencies over alleged blasphemy or espionage,” he said. A big round of applause broke out after Khan made this quip in the hall of a local hotel on Friday.

“Bibliophiles can easily be trapped into buying this book – thanks to painter Sahid Rassam for designing the book cover,” he said, adding that Rassam had exhibited quality skills in preparing the book’s title.

Taking departure from what is commonly spoken about a poet’s work during book launching ceremonies, Khan quipped that he would calculate percentages of Jamili’s work on traditional and contemporary topics when the poet would bring out his next book. “This book is, nevertheless, a treat for all literary enthusiasts,” he concluded.

The chief guest of the ceremony, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah, said his government would continue to encourage all those who were serving the nation and the country through their poetry, writings and arts. Being an engineer, Murad said, he was more interested in the form and structure of Jamili’s poems.

“As far as the content is concerned, I see dismay in his poems,” he said. “If our writers would appear to be hopeless, who would raise our hopes?”

The chief minister, however, said Jamili’s poem ‘New Year Resolution’ on page number 56 evoked so much hope that it had stunned the CM. “I’m not sure how much work do the rulers need to do for translating the poet’s imagination into reality.”

Lauding the poet for his ‘Lyari ka Noha’, Murad said the poem was reminiscences of late Rafique Engineer and noted personalities of Lyri area. He said the poet’s work illustrated the day-to-day life of Lyari in a splendid manner.

The CM Jamili’s poem about trees was one his best works.

Describing the same poem ‘Darakhton Kay Liye’ as his favourite poem in the book, Pakistan Peoples Party senior leader Nisar Khuhro said he had become a fan of Jamili after he heard this poem first time.

He said Jamili had named his book ‘the narrative of an unidentified man’ but he was not anonymous as poet in literary circles. Khuhro said Jamili’s versus written for former prime minister Benzair Bhutto were very popular among masses.

Sculptor Shahid Rassam, poet Shakeel Aadil Zada, lawmaker Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, PPP leader Sharmila Farooqi and journalist Mujahid Barelwi also spoke on the occasion. A large number of people, including journalists, writers and poets attended the ceremony.The news.