Varsity students can help reduce traffic lawlessness’

Karachi:March 18:University students must come up with innovative ideas to help reduce traffic chaos in the city as the traffic cops working in the department are too less to deal with the challenges alone.

“The biggest problem is the culture of lawlessness which can be fixed by creating awareness among masses, for which university students can play the most important role by abiding the traffic laws and launching awareness campaigns to save many precious lives,” said Dr Ameer Ahmed Shaikh, the deputy inspector general (DIG) of the traffic police, in a meeting with students of the Department of Mass Communication and Media Studies, Greenwich University, on Thursday.

The group of students, which was accompanied by their course instructor Tahira Tariq, visited the Traffic Police Headquarters and the Central Police Office (CPO).

Tahira Tariq told the traffic police chief that the students were conducting a research-based project to find out the reasons behind avoiding helmets. She said the students will submit their findings to the DIG along with a proposal to launch a persuasive campaign in the city.The news.