NED Professor says there isn’t any water Scarcity in city

KARACHI:March 14: A professor associated with the NED University of Engineering and Technology believes that the city does not have any water crisis.

“In fact the water is inappropriately managed, distributed and produced,” said Prof Dr Noman Ahmed, the chairman of the Department of Architecture and Planning at the NED University.

An official of the University of Karachi said on Sunday that he was delivering a lecture at the campus. He highlighted that KWSB should become producer of water. Distribution should be unbundled and passed on to towns. Moreover, Karachi Municipal Corporation (KM) should develop, maintain and upgrade existing drains and nullahs, he urged.

Criticising the municipality for losing its management strength, Dr Noman added that six master plans were prepared for the city ever since birth. Most of the plans prepared during the post independence period contained useful proposals but they were never notified.

Dr Noman believed that an ad hoc package or programme-based approach was followed which gave rise to fragmentation and chaos. He suggested that regularisation and workable housing options for low and middle-income group is demanded by the city.

Dr Noman was of the view that provincial capital is a young city and has a short pre-British history between 1729-1839 followed by a century of British rule. It possessed population of 435,000 just before the partition, which multiplied and reached 1,050,000 in 1951 and currently 20 million.The news.