Ebad inaugurates newly refurbished Moin Auditorium at DUHS

Karachi:March 13:The Sindh governor said on Saturday that the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) had become a renowned and distinguished name across the world.

Dr Ishrat ul Ebad Khan was addressing the inauguration ceremony of the newly refurbished Moin Auditorium at the DUHS main campus. Vice chancellor Prof Masood Hameed Khan was also present on the occasion.

The governor said the credit for the DUHS’ success went to Prof Hameed and his team.

He added that he was proud to be a former student of the university and had contributed to its progress and propagation.

“Every student should contribute according to his or her resources for making their alma mater better.”

Prof Hameed said the governor had played a vital role in rapid growth of the university and extended all possible assistance for this purpose.

Dow Medical College principal Prof Junaid Ashraf said the journey had been full of hurdles and bottlenecks which were dealt with utmost hard work by the entire team under the guidance of the governor.

The governor also visited the Jinnah Sindh Medical University and inaugurated a dental OPD there. He also visited various portions of the dental college and inspected the medical equipment there.

Speaking on the occasion, Ebad said the JSMU would be provided with 100 acres so that a state-of-the-art campus could be built there the students. “Every institution has to face various problems in the beginning but with shear hard work, devotion and dedication the same could be overcome,” he opined.

He said despite an urgent need of repair work of the building and improvement in facilities to students, the university had performed extremely well during the last three and a half years.

“Higher education is a priority of the government and as compared to 2003, the number of universities and enrolment of students has increased remarkably.”

JSMU vice chancellor Prof Tariq Rafi said the university had faced immense financial difficulties in the beginning and it had started with a grant of Rs5 million by the governor.

Now, 43 departments and six institutions are operating under the JSMU.

Dr Javed Suleman, a former student of the JSMU, said Ebad was the “Sir Syed Ahmed Khan” of our era and lauded his in the establishment of the university.The news.