Baloch Students Organisation-Azad a hunger strike camp

Karachi:March 19:A number of civil society and political activists showed their solidarity with members of the Baloch Students Organisation-Azad (BSO-A), who organised a hunger strike camp outside the Karachi Press Club on Friday, demanding the recovery of its central chairman, Zahid Baloch.

Zahid Baloch was picked up by law enforcers on March 18, 2014 from Satellite Town in Quetta, BSO-A leaders alleged. “Since then, we have no information about Zahid,” said one of the female members of the BSO-A, sitting in the camp.

The organsation had therefore decided to protest for the release of their leader through a hunger strike, she said.

The representatives of various progressive organisations, including the Democratic Students Federation, the National Students Federation, the Baloch Rights Council, Railway Workers Union and the Communist Party of Pakistan, visited the camp to show solidarity and demanded the release of the BSO-A chairman.

“His unacknowledged detention for over two years is so disturbing,” said Naghma Shaikh, a Karachi leader of the Democratic Students Federation. She demanded the immediate and safe release of Zahid.

Earlier, at the same venue, Latif Johar, a BSO-A’s central committee member, staged a 46-day hunger strike in protest against the enforced disappearance of Zahid Baloch.

Mama Qadeer, head of an advocacy group named Voice of Missing Baloch Persons, also organised months-long protest camps outside the Karachi Press Club and marched from Quetta to Karachi and then Karachi to Islamabad.tHE NEWS.