Isra University confers 161 Students with Degrees

Karachi:February 28:As many as 161 students belonging to medical sciences, vision sciences and physical therapy were conferred with degrees during first convocation of the Isra University, Karachi Campus, held on Saturday.

At the convocation, 120 students received degree for Bachelor in Medical Sciences, Vision Sciences and Physical Therapy whereas, 41 post graduate degrees were awarded in different programme of medical and allied medical sciences by the founder chancellor of the University and the chief guest of the event, Professor Dr Muhammad Saleh Memon.

During his address, Dr Memon said that everything changes with time, except the change itself, further adding, we live in an age of innovation and change, and in such an age, universities have a special obligation. They must hold fast to the best of the past, and do more for the best of the future

As a parting message to the students, he said, work hard to achieve your goals. I want you to become great, as we are optimistic in you. You are the leaders of tomorrow, so get yourself ready to address the challenges of the future.’

“You have to uphold the image of your country, by letting the world know that we are a peaceful nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chancellor of Isra University, Professor Dr Asadullah Kazi, accentuated the importance of education and said that learning is a lifelong process that continues from the cradle to the grave.

He urged the students to be competitive and participative in order to extend their knowledge.

“There can be no development without participation; and there can be no participation without communication, in this age of digital literacy," he said. “Opportunities are waiting for you. This day marks the commencement of your new career. You have to have confidence in yourself. I am sure that each one of you had different dreams, but surly you should never give up your dreams and aspirations.”

Dr Kazi also said that those aspirations will drive you to higher levels of achievements, so make your life purposeful, and prove to the society that you have worked honorably and diligently to the best of your capability, in uplifting the image of your country, and your alma mater.

He further said that it does not take great men to do things, but it is doing things that make men great. “You must give purpose to your lives. It is not honorable enough to only think about yourself; but work for the community that has done everything for you,” he concluded.

Vice Chancellor Isra University Professor Dr Ghulamqadir Kazi said that the main purpose of such events was not only to confer degrees on the students but also to honour those who have performed meritoriously.The news.