PSF Karachi A conspiracy

Karachi:February 25:Javed Baloch, the president of the PSF Karachi Division, refuted the teachers and police’s claims and said the members of his student wing were not involved in the incident.

He maintained that student adviser Dr Ashraf Khurram and some other teachers were hatching a conspiracy at the campus for quite some time to thwart students’ struggle to revive their inions. He added that some teachers had beaten up students so that members of his wing could be implicated in a fake case.

Waseem Sajjad, the president of the Muttahida Talba Mahaz (MTM), the student wing of another political party, said that TV channels had erroneously reported that the clash had taken place between two student wings

“When student wings clash, both parties file FIRs against each other and injuries to students are also reported but nothing like that happened in this case,” he added.

However, he said a brawl had broken out between two students over some minor issue and his wing had formed a five-member committee to ascertain the facts.

Sajid Khan, the information secretary of the Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT), also the political wing of a political party, said the university’s administration was using tactics to mislead students to prevent them from gathering on one platform and isolating themselves from the agenda of the restoration of student unions.

The PSF, the MTM and the IJT claimed that a delegation of the MTM had met with the university’s vice chancellor a few days ago wherein it had highlighted that the teaching and non-teaching workers had their own associations and elections, but the students were deprived of this right.

The vice chancellor was also asked to allow students to hold their functions at the campus as part of extra-curriculum activities.The news.