Schoolchildren from around the globe gather to fight diabetes

Karachi:April 07: Schoolchildren from Germany, Turkey, Japan, Iran and various cities of Pakistan on Wednesday highlighted the bad effects of eating junk food and avoiding physical activities and healthy food, presenting that how these habits contributed in causing diabetes.

They urged their age-mates to adopt a healthy lifestyle, eat home-cooked food instead of relying on burgers and pizzas, eat fruits and vegetables and take a regular part in physical activities so that they could not become obese, which is on the rise among children and resulting in causing them diabetes.

They were speaking at the 25th International Children’s Health Conference, held on the occasion of World Health Day 2016.

The theme of the conference was “Beat Diabetes” and it was organised by the Hamdard Public School and the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan in a local hotel.

Hundreds of children from various schools in the country, including from Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Karachi, participated in the conference, while schoolchildren speakers from Germany, Turkey, Iran and Japan also spoke on the theme.

School children from Iran, Atefeh Baksahraei and Nazaninzahra Azizi, spoke maintained that diabetes was not a disease but a combination of various health conditions and the leading cause of it was causing several disabilities, including blindness.

Speakers Maximilian von Struve and Tia Ismail in their speeches termed the diabetes as a lifestyle disease and told the audience that through physical exertion and a balanced diet, children could avoid getting obese and remain healthy throughout their lives.

Children from Turkey Mehmat Sadik Haspolat and Maha Syed from Japan as well as Rutaba Sajid and Esha Sehar from Islamabad, Aimen Mansur and Tayyaba Razzaq from Lahore, Iraj Ikram and Mohammad Ali from Peshawar and Zunaira Ilyas, Tabassum Naeem and Syed Hafsah Najeeb from different schools of Karachi also addressed the conference and highlighted various habits and actions leading to diabetes among young children and urged them eat healthy food and follow their parents in leading a healthy life.

Renowned dialectologist Dr Fatema Jawad, who was chief guest on the occasion, spoke at length on growing incidence of diabetes among children and adolescents in Asia, especially in Pakistan and India and told the children that junk food including burgers, pizzas, cold drinks and fries were “the road to diabetes”.

She spoke about Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and maintained that the type 2 of it was the main cause of concern for both the parents and physicians in the world as it was on the rise due to sedentary lifestyle and lack of awareness among both parents and children.

Dr Jawad said lack of education and awareness about what to eat and what not to, poverty and low spending by the governments in developing countries to create awareness regarding diabetes were some of the reasons behind its growth.

Unfortunately, even the children had stopped taking part in physical activities and were more interested in indoor games as compared to physical sports resulting in diabetes among them, she added.

She told the children that diabetes was the leading cause of blindness, heart attacks, oral infections, dental problems, amputations, and informed them that the only option in fight against diabetes was prevention. “Try to avoid getting diabetic and if, unfortunately, you are diabetic, try to manage it with simple and healthy lifestyle and physical activities”, she advised the children.The news.