Academicians call for studying Panama Papers in greater depth

Karachi:April 08: “The Panama Leaks documents must be reviewed and examined on factual grounds, not political affiliations or point scoring,” said Prof Dr Mehtab Karim of the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, USA.

Talking at the Sixth Training Workshop on Research Methodologies organised by the department of international relations of Karachi University, Prof Karim said research was pivotal for a knowledge friendly society and it usually began with a challenge.

He said promotion of research culture was vital for the prosperity of any society, provided the study was free from prejudice and based on facts. Sadly, he said, Pakistan had failed to even conduct research about the nation in the form of a census, for the past 18 years, especially when it had the largest Muslim population by 2015.

The trainers and panellists included former and faculty members including Dr Kaleem Raza Khan, Prof M Sajiduddin, Prof Nisar Zuberi and Dr Wahab Soori and led several sessions on different research procedures and techniques.The news.
They remarked that the Karachi University had the highest number of PhD faculty members in the province, making it incumbent upon them to do justice with public funds and produce quality research.

They emphasised that Islam also called for research before spreading information, hence it was against both, religious teachings and public interest, when misinformation was spread without proper verification.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar, the dean of social sciences faculty, said research in Pakistan had suffered greatly due to lack of resources and competence of people who performed it.

He said crisis and conflicts arising in the society on various fault lines could be resolved and managed if only there was enough credible information about the issue in the form of research.The news.