A Cool school to foster bright minds

SUKKUR:15 October :A school is a place that nurtures the leaders of tomorrow. The emphasis is on education and fostering a child’s mind to make them a productive member of society and to hone their skills to bring out their best abilities.

In Sindh, most institutions that go by the name of school hardly deserve the title. One that now stands out is Khairpur’s Naz Pilot Secondary School, which has seen a lot of improvement in terms of infrastructure, new programme of studies and teaching methodology. The reform process, initiated by The Book Group, is called the Sindh Education Reform Initiative (SERI). .

The school was taken up by the programme around eight months ago when work on improving its infrastructure started. The flooring and walls were given a complete makeover, while all the broken down doors and windows were replaced. The classrooms were furnished with new furniture, while a heavy-duty generator was installed to ensure the teachers and students wouldn’t have to bear the brunt of the long power outages in the sizzling heat and could focus on the studies instead.

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A fully equipped computer lab has been set up with 60 desktop computers, besides a library that boasts a wide variety of books. A day-care centre has been established for serving mothers while a full-time nurse and an on-call doctor are also available to cope with any medical emergency. The additions of an audio-visual hall and a conference room have added to the utility of the school.

During school time, the students are given computer training, while youth from the community are trained in the use of computers free-of-charge after school hours. A large parking area has been reserved for motorcycles and cycles and guards have been deployed at the main gate and other points across the school to give the students and their parents a secure and peaceful environment.

More than 60 colourfully-illustrated books for younger children have been printed. For the first time, under-privileged children in rural Sindh have been enjoying these books, which were supplied to them free of cost.

Besides academic activities, the students take a keen interest in extra-curricular activities such as rollerskating and Taekwondo. With the SERI managing to deliver a remarkable turn-around at the historic school, there is hope that things will only get better from here.Express turbuni.