A ‘sangat’ of mentors and students

Karachi:29 August:The rich content of classical music was the prime heritage of the entire sub-continent, and reviving it in its original form should be the principal aim of all classical musicians in Pakistan.
This was stated by Napa’s head of the music department Ustad Nafees Ahmed on Thursday, while speaking at a two-day musical session titled ‘Sangat’ organised by the National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa).
One can never prove their talent, neither in front of their mentor nor their audience, unless they have learnt the basics of music by heart,” Ahmed said.
True to his spirit, Ahmed showed up at the stage while Ustad Basheer Khan, on Tabla, and Napa’s student Gul Muhammad, on Sarangi, were performing a piece. Feeling a mismatch between the instruments, he helped the young student coordinate with Khan’s Tabla beat.
It’s all about understanding the division of time and frequency,” he added. “A musician must know how to divide beats exactly in time frame.”
Appreciating his student’s swift catching up of the beat, Ahmed said the young musician had learnt a lot in less time.
Further elaborating the purpose of the event, he said along with reclaiming our traditional music, the event also helped polish the young talent their skills.
Also in attendance, Senator Taj Haider while sepaking to The News said traditional music had been playing its role in promoting peaceful values.
It’s a perennial part of our culture and it was incumbent upon us that we play our part to promote it and such events.”
Among other performances was singer Akbar Ali Khan, whose powerful vocals received a befitting applause by the audience.
It’ great to perform in front of those who can understand classical nuances and enjoy the traditional music,” said Khan.
Following him was Ustad Salamat Ali Khan who left the audience mesmerised with his flute performance.The news.