IHC orders action against madrassa

Karachi:August 01:How the Deobandi school of thought gained popularity was an interesting aspect of the discussion. Historian Mubarak Ali was of the opinion that, in the early days of Pakistan, the state had nothing to do with these madrassas and only a handful existed. Sheikh further explained the phenomenon as an ideology that supported jihadis. “In the wake of the war of 1857, the British opted for an anti-jihadist approach. Thus, Ahmedis and Barelvis mushroomed as a consequence of this,” he explained.
The report also suggests reforms to the government for the proper management of madrassas. Dr Mubarak, however, opined that unless they are introduced by the parliament in the form of legislation, he does not see any reformation likely in the near future. “The recent encounter of Malik Ishaq and the national action plans are only a means to calm down the emotions of the people,” he claimed.
Published in The Express Tribune, August 1st, 2015.