A book ‘Ikeesvein Sadi Mein Science Aur Adab Launched

Karachi:12 February: A book ‘Ikeesvein Sadi Mein Science Aur Adab — Tazad Kahan?’ (Science and Literature in the 21st Century — Where’s the Contradiction?), by Dr Alia Imam, was recently launched at the Defence Central Library.
In the book, Dr Imam tries to prove, quite convincingly, the relevance of some great Urdu poets and writers to contemporary times to dispel the notion that literature and science are on any kind of a collision path. In the preface, she develops a case for Marxist ideology and tells the reader about the essence of dialectic materialism and its significance vis-à-vis society and history. After that she selects a group of renowned and classical Urdu poets and writers and explains to the reader how they view life and why their views haven’t become extraneous.

Dr Imam begins with Ghalib. Through a series of literary and philosophical arguments she first develops and reevaluates the poet’s exceedingly gifted talent and his cosmic approach towards choosing his subject, and then smartly touches upon where his roots lie with reference to dialectic materialism. In that context she quotes a few couplets, one of which is:

Sub kahan kuch lala-o-gul mein numayan ho gaeen

Khaak mein kya sooratein hongi ke pinhan ho gaeen

(Not everything is revealed in tulips and roses

Many a luminous face doesn’t sprout like flowers)

From Ghalib, Dr Imam turns her attention to Mir Anis and tells the reader about the various factors that were part of the poet’s growing up process, including the 1857 war of independence. She dedicates the next chapter to Allama Iqbal. Firaq Gorakhpuri, Josh Malihabadi, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Sheikh Ayaz follow as Dr Imam strives to explore through their works the link between literature, science and the 21st century.Dawn.